Easter is Cancelled?

For the first time in more than 2000 years, Easter has been cancelled. The holiday celebrating the rising of the famous savior, Jesus Christ, has been cancelled due to the fact that other religions feel excluded on this day. Although it is a Sunday, most businesses acquire to this holiday by holding up candles, acknowledging […]


When it comes to certain topics or social issues, most people prefer not to discuss about it or becomes a social debate, that ends at least one side of built up emotions. Sexual harassment and abuse are one of those things that people kept silent about until now. Recently, a trend of women and men […]

What is Game Change?

“Game Change” the statement is used so broadly across the high school, but mean something special to certain high school students. The program, designed from the partnership of the New England Patriots Football team and General Attorney, Maura Healy, has been presented to high school students all over in Massachusetts. Game Change has the intention […]

I Have Joined a Cult

I Have Accidentally Joined a Cult   Thursday, February 16th, 2017   Today was the first day of my switch into Journalism workshop. I have high hopes. Comparably to my last workshop, it’s been a good fit thus far. I get to write more, and spend time with a fun group of people, so I […]