What’s Your November?

Tyler, the Creator is a well-known singer/songwriter who became famous in mainstream media after his 2016 album Flower Boy. This project was much more open and vulnerable than his previous projects, which tended to be more edgy and offensive. One song from the album, November, creates a metaphor in which November represents a person’s happy […]

Upcoming Events

There are many new upcoming events in November this year. Such as school picture retake day, on November fifth just in case you weren’t here for picture day. The following week, November eleventh, there is no school because of Veteran’s Day and also the birthday of one of our scribes, Julia Quinn. Make sure to […]

Fall Recipes

When we all think of fall, let’s be honest… Our first two thoughts are Halloween and all the pumpkin spiced themed foods and beverages. As much as we all love these things, we might not want to put in all the effort into making them. So, here are some easy fall recipes that will help […]

September Recap

Hello everyone, hopefully everybody is starting smart! Each fresh start of the month, The charter ink will be updating you with some monthly updates! Let’s start with this months update!                 Mrs.T was happy about the success of the senior boot camp. She also said the freshman orientation went great! That is all for Mrs.T […]


Fall is just beginning and everyone is anticipating their favorite parts of fall: Halloween, apple picking, haunted houses, and pumpkins. Pumpkins are a fall favorite from pumpkin spice, carving them, and eating them in various delicious recipes. To get ready for fall and all its pumpkin  glory, here are some ideas to have some seasonal […]